Artists In Yorkshire

If you’re looking for artists in Yorkshire, this is the page for you – If you’re an artist and would like to be displayed – get in touch and we’ll add you as soon as we can.


Several of these artists in Yorkshire are available for commissions, what we recommend is to get in touch directly with the artist if you have a project in mind.



Adam King


Using mostly acrylic paint and wax resist mixed media, Adam’s work includes architectural and natural settings. His paintings of animals such as dogs, and those of flowers are minimalistic and vibrant.


Adam Kings’ portraits are a colourful Piccasso style, yet has a definitely unique and intriguing style with the composition being brilliant.



Ailsa Magnus


Being very competent with three dimentional work, Ailsa has made sculptures for town centres, the NHS, local authorities and community gardens. Her website is seldom updated so the best place to see newer works would be her Facebook at


Her outdoor work is truly made to stand the test of time and foot traffic whist being an eyecatching and promenant piece of art.